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Sticking stickers with ‘LN’, until her arrest

  • 22 apr 14


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sticker LN not a Taliban but Rastaman Amsterdam center 2014 April

This easter morning, sticker-artist ‘LN’ invited me to join her on a street-art crusade in the heart of Amsterdam.

We started off early and walked from Spui square into smaller streets alongside the world-famous canals of the Dutch capital, sticking her art where ever we’d find a suitable spot for it.

sticker LN keep ocean ocean Amsterdam center 2014 AprilDuring our walk, she explained to me about her artistic and societal ideas, while I was photographing the stickers she stuck on walls, rain-pipes and electrical cabinets.

‘LN’ at least is remarkable in the fact that all her stickers are ‘originals’, each and everyone of them is handmade and contains an original text that is held by a figure wearing a hoodie.

sticker LN Amsterdam center 2014 April Arte Gallejero no es delitoThe sentences the stickers display can be societal, cultural, political, philosophical or – sometimes deeply – personal.

Unfortunately for us, within an hour after the offset of our crusade, a plainclothes policeman had caught up with us and interrupted our artistic mission. We tried explaining the idea of street-art to the cop but that was of no use.

sticker LN 'in action' Amsterdam center 2014 April

‘LN’ therefore was picked up by a police van and transported to a police-station nearby. After being interrogated and an hour of incarceration she was released again. The government barbarians kept the stickers she didn’t spread yet, but gave her a pretty heavy fine – 140 euro’s – instead.

It’s not a nice thing to see art go to waste and an artist fined for something that can hardly be considered a crime. Unfortunately, this is how our ‘society’ tends to deal with non-conformists. It’s a thing we’ll have to deal with.



Interview met ‘LN’

Sticker ‘LN’: kreten in Amsterdam

sticker LN Amsterdam center 2014 April challenge not different consistent

sticker LN better burn out fade away Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN school agency 2014 April

sticker LN born original dont copy Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN dont compromise yourself Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN North Korea starving Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN not melting brain blowing mind Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN real men dont buy girls Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN we are part of something greater Amsterdam center 2014 Aprilsticker LN work sucks go riding Amsterdam center 2014 April 015

sticker LN social issues never rest please give thought Amsterdam center 2014 April

sticker LN this real life just fantasy Amsterdam center 2014 April

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