Ben je scholier, bezorgen politici je een dip of vind je politiek zelfs ronduit ‘sick’? Dan is Poliziek misschien interessant voor jou! Deze website bespreekt verontrustende aspecten van overheden en politiek zoals onvrijheid, geldverspilling, polarisering, oorlog, doofpotten, onverdraagzaamheid, complotten, oplichterij, nepotisme, genocide, taalvervuiling, slavernij, maatschappelijke ontwrichting, corruptie, ongelijkheid, censuur, demagogie, incompetentie, onrecht, zelfverrijking, indoctrinatie, parasitisme, stagnatie, propaganda, sociale desintegratie en onbetrouwbaarheid. Zijn dit onwenselijke randverschijnselen van het ‘politieke bedrijf’ of vormen zij daarvan juist de kern?

Sticker mad animals: Von, Faile & ‘Siberian meat grinder’

sticker Siberian meat grinder SMG Amsterdam 2013

The bear not only wears a crown and is armed to the teeth, apparently it is very angry as well.

An eye seems to be missing, mouth wide open and the beast probably ran through a window, since pieces of glass are sticking out of its face and neck.
sticker Faile dog Amsterdam

The logo ‘SMG‘ stands for Siberian meat grinder, a Russian thrash band which – amongst others – is known for its ‘Hail To The Tsar‘, a nice, ‘graffiti-inspired’ song. The bear itself no doubt symbolizes ‘mother Russia‘.

sticker Von wolf Amsterdam 2013 mad dogIn Amsterdam, SMG is most certainly not the only type of sticker featuring mad animals that you encounter.

There is the angry dog by ‘Faile’ and the even more frightening psychotic looking wolf flanked by (reversed) crosses titled ‘Von’, plus some kind of dangerous cat.
sticker wild cat Amsterdam 2013 wilde kat

These kind of pictures help reminding me of the explosive nature that the urban environment can sometimes have.

Aggressive youngsters crash their scooters through hospital windows, horrific pimps (known as ‘loverboys’) roam free and a man is getting burnt alive by a father and his son (17) over some debt.

Stickers actually seem pretty innocent and sane compared to what’s really going on around here!


sticker Von Hyena Amsterdam Center July 2013

sticker Von aggressive dog Amsterdam 2013

sticker mad dog Amsterdam 2012

sticker Von Satan cross goat Amsterdam 2013 geit


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