Ben je scholier, bezorgen politici je een dip of vind je politiek zelfs ronduit ‘sick’? Dan is Poliziek misschien interessant voor jou! Deze website bespreekt verontrustende aspecten van overheden en politiek zoals onvrijheid, geldverspilling, polarisering, oorlog, doofpotten, onverdraagzaamheid, complotten, oplichterij, nepotisme, genocide, taalvervuiling, slavernij, maatschappelijke ontwrichting, corruptie, ongelijkheid, censuur, demagogie, incompetentie, onrecht, zelfverrijking, indoctrinatie, parasitisme, stagnatie, propaganda, sociale desintegratie en onbetrouwbaarheid. Zijn dit onwenselijke randverschijnselen van het ‘politieke bedrijf’ of vormen zij daarvan juist de kern?

Will the internet bring world peace?

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It may be so that the horrors of this world were never as visible as they are today, the same is true for massive demonstrations against atrocities, corruption and injustice in many corners of the world. I tend to become pretty optimistic when observing protests in Russia and India, revolutions in the Arab world and the rise of Ron Paul in the USA.

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As a species we were clannish once and later on became tribal which exploded into national(-social)ism. The situation is still far from perfect, but the billions who like and shared Gangnam style will pretty soon stop obeying nationalistic and genocidal state-orders. I have little doubt about that.

sticker native tourist AmsterdamActivists, protesters, political artists and reporters worldwide are learning from each other on an unprecedented scale.

Dutch change & political murders
I myself got interested in politics around 1990 during high-school. Holland was then – and in my opinion still is – governed through a rather corrupt corporatist-socialist rule.

sticker reign of war Amsterdam street art

When trying to discuss my thoughts on this and related topics I found that that was virtually impossible and certainly ‘not done’ (or at least not ‘politically correct’). This of course was still a few years before the internet, so for a high school kid like myself it was very hard to find any kind of dissident information on certain issues that were deemed ‘politically sensitive’.

sticker made bij humans AmsterdamBefore 2000, European governments – at least the Dutch – controlled the media pretty tightly, but since the internet spread out that’s no longer an option. Therefore the knowledge of the problematic and often harmful nature of states and their policies is spreading rapidly.

This means that mainstream media are more or less being forced by their audience to pay serious attention to corruption and similar waste of resources.

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new openness & libertarianism
A fellow traveler of this ‘new openness’ is the widening acceptance of libertarian ideas, like those of Ayn Rand.

‘Small government’ and free individuals as solutions to today’s problems. The horrors of nationalism and socialism are commonly known, or at least widely accepted on the web (except for racists and religious extremists).

sticker we are one AmsterdamOf course there are flip sides to this story as well, there’s no denying that.

In The Netherlands, the important opposition figure and political leader Pim Fortuyn was murdered in 2002 and his good friend and supporter Theo van Gogh killed in 2004.

Since newspapers lost part of their public to free blogs, they may have less funds for ‘in depth’ journalism. So these media now have to rely even more on income via sponsoring, which in the Netherlands often comes from governments.

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On the other hand, uncut opinions on our state and political system were virtually absent in regular media before the arrival of the internet. The new openness led most Dutch newspapers to open up at least slightly.

sticker all communists are bastardscurrent Dutch situation
Dutch politicians and bureaucrats help build a European bureaucratic and fiscal superstructure as a means for themselves and related groups of parasites to exploit the middle classes.

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In my country the state exercises lots of control, via the ‘divide & rule’ system (welfare, jobs, cheap money, housing, etc) which harms our culture in many ways.

People are superstitious about what the state might mean for them and many become opportunistic and then often obey immoral laws.

sticker Eintracht high again Amsterdam 2013Part of my fathers Jewish family was wiped out during the Holocaust and currently I’m reading a book (‘Kameraad Baron’) on the destruction of the Hungarian nobility by the communists around 1950.

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Truly horrific, but the knowledge is there and somehow cultures seem to be growing closer and closer. There is a small rush of course, since more and more lunatics within and outside governments possess weapons of mass destruction.

graffiti food not bombs AmsterdamVia this website I try reaching out to people with certain kinds of information to explain that “they are not crazy when they disagree”. Dutch education is rather notorious for its propaganda, so I hope to assist at least some in keeping faith in themselves.

David Frankenhuis

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  1. Dear Ariel,

    I fully agree to what you wrote. In some cultures people don’t seem to need state-laws to hurt one another but happily accept other systems of domination.
    It will be a most interesting period that lies ahead of us, since corruption and increasing transparancy are bound to clash.

    Thanks for your comment!


  2. maybe its impossible to bring a fair and just world to everyone due to the state of economy, geography and cultural restrictions. In many countries the freedom of speech almost none existence, majority of people are working all their life to earn simply living that only benefit minority elite on the top of political chain. The internet will change how we view and understand the world, but the real change come from people who brave enough to disagree and not to submit entirely to the system.

    Brilliant article, nicely said.

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