Ben je scholier, bezorgen politici je een dip of vind je politiek zelfs ronduit ‘sick’? Dan is Poliziek misschien interessant voor jou! Deze website bespreekt verontrustende aspecten van overheden en politiek zoals onvrijheid, geldverspilling, polarisering, oorlog, doofpotten, onverdraagzaamheid, complotten, oplichterij, nepotisme, genocide, taalvervuiling, slavernij, maatschappelijke ontwrichting, corruptie, ongelijkheid, censuur, demagogie, incompetentie, onrecht, zelfverrijking, indoctrinatie, parasitisme, stagnatie, propaganda, sociale desintegratie en onbetrouwbaarheid. Zijn dit onwenselijke randverschijnselen van het ‘politieke bedrijf’ of vormen zij daarvan juist de kern?

Dear Kim Kardashian,

I’m sure you’ve never heard of me and the chances of you reading this little message of support are tiny, at best. But still I feel obliged to write.

Last Friday you send out a supportive tweet to the people of Israel. I don’t know about your motivation, but it might have something to do with the fact that your own people – the Armenians – were once victim of a most cowardly genocide perpetrated by sunni Turks. In a Youtube-video on this subject you mention 1915, but many ‘smaller genocidal phases’ had already occurred before that date.

Around the year 1915 the Jews were being chased out of Europe by all kinds of nationalist movements and some of them managed to settle in the Palestine region, in spite of British and Arab resistance. At the same time – in Turkey – your ancestors were butchered and their daughters kept as slaves who were tattooed by the Turks. Some were prisoners for more than two decades before being ‘released’, which means sold to Kurds and Arabs in northern Syria en Iraq.

The documentary ‘Grandma’s tattoos’ portrays the gruesome history these girls went through and – of course – most of them didn’t survive the horrors they had to endure. In modern day Turkey it’s still a ‘taboo’ to discuss the killing of about a million Armenians. Strangely, its leader Erdogan seems unable to shut his mouth on the topic of the Palestinians.

When the last of your ancestors were released in Turkey, the Nazi-genocide against the Jewish people took off and caused the death of approximately six million innocent men, women and children. Some of the survivors managed to reach Palestine and founded their own little state which still exists. Worldwide, a large number of Muslims still deny the genocide ever took place, just as the Turks seem unable to recognize the horrors your ancestors endured.

Unfortunately for the Armenians and the Jews, it’s been more than half a millennium ago when Muslims studied history in stead of obscure writers, whose only specialization is to distort the past and spead ‘yahilliya’ which is Arab for ignorance. Perhaps, in a few hundred years, things might change, but till then it’s advisable not to mention historical facts and viewpoints in public, because many “Muslims” are unable to handle those in an adult way.

I wish you all the best and hope none of these so called followers of Muhammad will try killing you.




Armeense geschiedenis: Tatoeages van oma

Crossed: horror kwadraat

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